Remove Profanity From Movies The Easy Way!

First off, I’d like to thank you guys for your interest. Secondly, if you have any questions, ask me a question on twitter @MegaMaiku. Thirdly, even though this may not be “easy” for some people, it is a free option 😉

Update: I have added step numbers to the procedure. You only have to follow step 1 and 2 once. Follow step 3 for each movie you add to your computer (you only need to patch the movie once, though).


A few years back, I was sitting down watching Dumb and Dumber at Ben’s house. I remember he had this box connected to his TV that would block the profanity from movies. I was very impressed! I found out that the system worked by reading the Closed Caption and muting the moment when the movie had a profanity. Cool eh? years later I visited a friend who had a DVD player that would do that to all movies, in fact, this player would edit adult content from movies on-the-fly. Now, that’s impressive. Unfortunately it’s only supported for DVD’s, not Blurays.

So I made it a goal to find a free solution that would allow me to do the same thing but with a digital copy of a movie, which are by nature in high definition.


First of all, I’m not responsible for anything that you may break by following my instructions (I just have to say it haha). Secondly, this guide assumes that you own a digital copy of the movie you would like to filter, or that at least you have a digital backup of a movie you currently own. Anyway, you know where I’m getting at.

The Recipe:

This method uses subtitles to remove profanity, and it’s the only option I was able to find that didn’t involve dishing out from $50-$300. Having said that, some of you may think this is too much work, or that the limitation of using a computer may not make it worth your time. That’s okay :), my wife would probably agree with you.

Here’s everything you’ll need:

  • A Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS (jailbroken), Apple TV (jailbroken), or Raspberry Pi device.
  • The application XBMC
  • The XBMC Add-on Mute Profanity (By Scott Brown) If you get a chance, send him a wink!
  • Depending on your “savvyness” level, give yourself about 10-20 minutes
  • A movie with a lot of profanity (to test)
  • And a smitch of patience

Step 1: Install XBMC and Configure Movie Database

Download and install XBMC.

XBMC is a very powerful media player. It has a lot of functions. One of them is that it can work as a movie database for all the movies you have on your computer (on a specific folder or path you tell it to scan). So that should be your next step: Create a new “source” drive/folder in XBMC:

1 2 3

You WILL need to specify what type of media is in your folder, or the add-on won’t find the movies. Right-click on your folder:



Step 2: Install the Add-on

Okay. After that, we need to add the plugin (add-on), so we can start using it.

4 5

Make sure it is in its original ZIP’ed state. Else, it won’t add.


Then go back to the main screen and go to your Video Add-ons:


And there it is:


Right-click to show the settings menu:


Tweak the settings as desired:



Step 3: Filter Your Movie

After you’re done with the settings, you can go back to the add-ons and Left-click on it to reveal the actual app:


Note: If your movie is not showing up, you will have to add your video source folder and make sure XBMC knows that there are movies in there!! (see above).





Step 4: Watch Your Movie

Go back to your Movies (or Videos) menu and select the movie you just filtered. And voila! You can turn off the subtitles, if you wish.


Hope this was useful to anyone. Feel free to share this article with others :)


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